Fast returns from slowing down

I’ve been reading the most awesome devotional called “What on earth am I here for”? by Rick Warren.

He goes through day by day for 40 days revealing different ways to find God’s purpose for your life.  It’s really incredible if you’ve never read it!

One day in particular stands out to me as one that the masses could relate to.  Day 16 is one I believe we all need.

It’s here that Mr. Warren talks about time and relational love.

Time and love.

Two different spellings of the same word.

I’ve always told my husband that I want our time together to be all out love, all about relationships, all about family.  Which is my basis for wanting a big one.  I didn’t want to be centered around finance, centered around career choice, centered around the worldly things that have no actual security of remaining our own.  I wanted a big, God centered and family centered life.

Now…..that’s much easier said than done.  It’s easy to say “well family matters most obviously” but how is that actually practiced out? Is it even practiced out at all? Instead we find ourselves having conversations of limiting our family expansion because of       m o n e y…..rather than tuning into God’s plan, will, guidance, and purpose.  And TRUST.  (I’m not saying finance isn’t also important) But, we find ourselves investing and saving and working to further ourselves, our own desires, our own ambitions, our own achievements.  And it’s SO easy to get lost in that cycle.  This is what brings me to focus on the concept of time.

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money.”

As I read that I am thinking….wait, what?

Time’s greatest value is worth money?!

No. no no no.

Time is worth so. much. more. than that.

Time is why we’re here.  Time is worth everything.  Because time is the only thing that passes us by and can never ever be regained.  There is no guarantee for what tomorrow will hold for you or for the ones you love.

“The best use of life is love.  The best expression of love is time.  The best time to love is now.” (warren pg. 130)

now….not later.

When people are at the end of life, they don’t lie in bed and ask for their diplomas, their awards of achievement, their money, or their most expensive accessory.  They don’t ask for a list of accomplishments, a number of hours they put in total at the office, their number in savings.  They ask for people.  They ask for love.  They ask for time.

Of course we can always take some wisdom from Socrates who wisely warned, “Beware of the barrenness of a busy life.”

We are all busy busy people.  Full of “important” tasks and to do lists, ones which always seem to be growing.  But what worth is all our “busyness” really adding to our lives? As cliche as it is, I ask myself…..”If I were to get in my car this evening, and not survive that ride, would today have been well spent?” What value or meaning had I added to my own life…. to others’ lives?

It seems to me that no one is wiser than children and the dying.  One group has not yet been adulterated by the world, and what do they want? They just want you.  They want time and love from you.  The other group has seen what the world has to offer, and in the end,  What do they also want? Just like children, they desire loving time to relationally connect with the people they care for the most.

So let’s all take this week, this month, this minute to slow down.

And who knows…you might find that slowing down could be the fastest way to speed up the most genuine and meaningful returns our world has to offer.  


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