You’re not alone momma.

You’re not alone momma, you’re never alone.

You’re not alone, when it’s 3 AM and you’ve been rocking the baby for hours…your lids are drooping, your body aches.  It feels like the darkness of the night and quiet corners of the house will never end.  But you’re not alone.  God sees you there momma, and he’s rejoicing in your strength.


You’re not alone, when you only long for one hot shower by yourself…but you long for sleep more, so it wins yet again.  You wonder if a night of rest will ever be yours. The nights bring dread, because they’re long and without reprieve.  God is with you there momma, and he’s rejoicing in your purposeful heart.      


You’re not alone, when you avoid the mirror on the way to the shower, wondering if you’ll one day be “the same”.  When you wonder if your spouse will still hold that desire for you after all this.  God hears you momma, and he’s rejoicing in your perfect body that he meticulously created.   


You’re not alone, when the spit up happens again.  You’ve run out of diapers, wipes, and clean bottles.  You wonder if you’re really cut out for this.  But you’re not alone momma.  God sees you, and he’s rejoicing in your motherly grace. 


You’re not alone, when food is all over the floor, your coffee is never hot, you’re breakfast always cold.  You’re not alone momma, when you long for prayerful mornings of devotion.  You feel as if you’ve lost yourself, your purpose, your identity, your “own” time.  God sees you there, and he’s rejoicing in your perseverance. 


You’re not alone, when you stare through the crib in the darkness, wondering if your heart can even bear the overwhelming love you feel.  Wondering if you’ll ever be able to accept the burden that the precious life before you doesn’t belong to you, but to someone else, to your Father.  You’re not alone momma, God is holding…he’s squeezing your hand there, and he’s gloriously rejoicing in his careful choice of you for his child’s mother.  


You wake up tired again, but God is with you momma. 

He woke you up because he has purposeful work for you to do.  He is not done with his divine intention for you momma, and he’s not done being with you.  He’s not done  making sure you’re never alone. 



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