The most “rewarding” thing about Young Living.


Essential rewards. What is it?

It’s young livings percent back rewards program that blesses its members with 10, 20, and eventually 25% back on all orders, free gifts, and eligibility for free products based on orders each month. Soooo, yes. You get 25% back in everything you buy. Whaaat!?


Here’s a more vulnerable question.  

Why am I hesitant to get people on?

Because it’s awkward. It just is. It’s awkward to try to explain to someone why they should ABSOLUTELY be spending a minimum of approx. $50 with a company you shared with them. There are a lot of companies out there that want your money each month. But for me it’s not young living “wanting” MY money. It’s ME wanting young livings products. It’s cheesy yes but true that the most important thing about young living isn’t that they are an “oil company”. They’re more than that. Young living is a lifestyle company, and if you roll your eyes or don’t believe that, it’s only because you haven’t fully experienced it.

At convention recently I heard this brilliant yet SO simple comparison made by the speaker, Chris Opfer, that his mother always says to him about a piece of broccoli.

We all know eating a piece of broccoli is good for us right? And eating 2 pieces is even better. We all know vegetables and fruits are great for our body….but is eating them once going to change your health or your wellness? Well no, obviously not. What if you ate broccoli consistently, weekly, monthly. Would you see a difference? Well, Yes.

The same goes for young living and I think this is where people sometimes miss the mark. Using lavender oil once to relax you or help you sleep probably isn’t going to transform your life. But using life 9 nightly? Using omegagize consistently? Using multi greens, or brain power, or frankincense, or thieves, or the cleaning products, or stress away, or copaiba in an informed and regular way? Will. It will change your life. You’ll watch it transform before your eyes.

ER is a way to make that lifestyle readily obtainable or beneficial to you. I can promise you that’s it’s more beneficial than any other conventional program you may think is great. Do you have a southwest visa? Rewards back credit card? (y’all you get like….2-5% back on those LOL) Winn Dixie shipping card? Phone contract that “lets” you (YAY!) Buy a new full priced pone after one year? (LOL) Sams memebrship? Birch box? Any of that BS that promises you they are rewarding you for all you purchase?

I want you to ACTUALLY examine what you get back from those programs. Look at that fine print. Do you have a contract? How much do you really get back? How much of what you get back have you actually used? Benefited from?

Young livings essential rewards ultimately gives back members 25% on every single point you spend. 25 PERCENT YALL. Oh yeah, there’s also no contracts, no start up fees, and no stopping fees. Oh yeah wait, you also get a free gift at month 3,6,9,and 12 just for being on it. Oh yeah, you also are eligible for getting free products on top of any order just because you spent 100 pv or more. Oh yeah, you’re also eligible for FULL commissions by spending 100 pv. Yeah. It’s “rewarding”. More so than any company I have ever seen.

“But I don’t have $50 extra a month”

That’s great. Neither do I. But I’m not spending that money elsewhere, instead I’m spending that money in Young Living where I get stuff BACK. It’s not about spending MORE money. It’s about spending it DIFFERENTLY. Not to mention, that I can get paid $50 a month for sharing Young Living with just ONE person every month. So affordable? Yes. The company’s whole design is intended to make it affordable to even the most financially strained individual because they believe everyone, regardless of financial status, deserves wellness and financial abundance.

So if you use Young Living “here and there” and you don’t understand why people are so obsessed, reach out to your upline, research the products, try new stuff out. If you’re consistent and intentional, you’re mind will be blown over and over again at what can happen to your body and life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You’ll become a believer, and you’ll want to share it with the people you love because you genuinely want it for everyone. It’s hard to explain until you experience it yourself.

If you’re new or thinking about joining young living. Don’t just get the kit and put it in your closet. Research each oil, use them every single day one by one and slowly, when you’re ready, explore the ABUNDANCE that young living has to offer not only in their oils but in their supplements, nutritional support, cleaning products, and more. Give yourself a true and intentional chance for 3-6 months. And I promise it won’t let you down.


changed your life image

Ready to get oiling?

I’d love to be your mentor and help you experience how awesome YL and ER really is!

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