Sharing Young Living and the MLM explained



Okay while it’s still fresh in my head, I want to write down so many thought about this transformational week I’ve experienced at the Young Living convention. I’m sitting in the airport reflecting on the incredible growth I’ve felt and that I aspire to achieve just from the past few days and experiences I’ve had. I want to be more transparent about not only my personal young living journey, but about the company.

One of the things (there’s so many) that pop into my head is my thoughts of Young Living as an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) business.  

•Young living as an mlm:

There are often times so many negative connotations about these types of companies and I have been a person (let’s be honest…am a person…I’m working on changing that) that has felt that way as well. When I say I share young living, part of me cringes slightly inside in embarrassment because of the “mlm association” but I know I shouldn’t. Now, I have the words to explain why I feel NO shame and instead feel pride about Young Living, specifically about being an mlm. There’s a few reasons here.

Reason 1:

Gary and Mary Young originally put the oils up for commercial sale in stores. People would buy them, not know what to do with them all, not understand the price behind them, and not understand everything ABOUT the company and about what therapeutic grade oils and products meant. Realizing their customers needed something of more substance and more depth, they researched and carefully chose the mlm business model and here’s why. In a network market based business, you create an atmosphere of relationships, intimate education and product guidance/mentorship from sponsors and enrollers.

Another reason Gary and Mary chose mlm?

Reason 2:

They want to offer affordability for their products to every single person. And they have seriously done this. Even sharing young living with just a few people, or even one person a month. The oils and products are 100% paid for themselves. Period. If you want to use the products and say you can’t afford it, you’re wrong, you can. Not only because you stop buying other things as young living replaces your household buys, but because you are able to receive commissions small or big enough to either just pay for your own products? Or give you total financial freedom.

Financial Freedom?

Reason 3:

Financial freedom, what do I mean by that. Most people in our country, in our culture, in our world really can’t imagine the reality of what this means. Even fewer people can understand the concept of this being a readily attainable reality. So what is it? I want you to close your eyes. (Well not yet because you’re still reading, but in a minute) I want you to picture that tomorrow morning when you wake up, you have absolutely zero debt. None. You don’t owe anyone anything. No student loans, no car payments, no mortgage, no credit cards owed. You also make an average of close to $152,000……..A month. That’s an average income for a royal crown diamond. You can take a minute to process that if you’d like. I hate talking about money, I never do it.  But in this case, I would be remiss not to let people know that this type of financial freedom blessing is readily available.  Let’s take a glance at the 2017 young living income disclosure statement.


 I have friends that are silvers, golds, platinums, and crown diamonds. Yes I know people who are in those categories. Did they “get in early”? No. They just loved yl, educated, and shared with abandon. What would that type of income mean for YOU? It could vary…some people say they would like to be debt free, some would like to travel, some want to send their kids to college without debt, some would like to give freely, some would like time freedom, some just want their products to be free to them. Whatever your “why” may be, is up to you. But I hope that you DO desire that. Because desire creates belief and belief makes things possible. Possible my friends is exactly what this is. You CAN get financial freedom, it IS possible. It’s just simply whether you chose to take the steps on the road to obtain it.

Reason 4:

I’ve saved this for last because I think this reason is probably the most important. Yes I think more important than making a 7 figure salary, and that is, relationships. Young living is ALL about relationships. And mlm’s create that. It’s called a “network” for a reason. It is one. You’re connected to all these incredible people you would have otherwise never known and you grow in business, wellness, abundance, and in life. You grow together. That team growth (and I’m talking about personal growth, not even business growth) is the one of the most special things Young Living has to offer. You form these special new bonds and relationships and you rejoice when you see them rise up and also receive their hearts desires of financial freedom, or time freedom, or wholesome wellness. It’s a unique and inspiring experience.

So to all the naysayers who snark at an mlm business, or roll their eyes at young living….if someone offered you natural products that supported your health and family, financial and time freedom, and meaningful relationships…would your ever turn that down? I can’t imagine anyone would. 

And don’t worry. I haven’t left you people out that immediately pipe up “pyramid scheme!” Well, for your information, pyramid schemes have been illegal in our country since the 1970’s. In the company you work for, can the company janitor ever surpass the company president? Because in a pyramid, that answer would be no. In young living they absolutely could and Do. Every. Day.

If you look at any organization whether it be a church, an agency, a company, an organization, the government, the military. What does the business layout “look like”? Yeah y’all. It looks like a stinkin pyramid. I know that for me, a social worker, I have a better chance of changing the “fight to get ahead” paradigm in young living than in anything else I could ever do. And while I’m doing it, I’m spreading true health, true wellness, and true abundance for others in the process.  I love this business, I love the products, and I love the people.  

If you don’t believe that Young Living creates products for purpose and not a profit? Than you simply haven’t seen the heart of it all.  

So thank you Gary. And thank you Mary. For creating the blessing of an mlm and giving my family the chance at freedom and wellness all rolled up in one awesome business .

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