Mommy Blogging

Why did I start?And what did I really consider starting when I’ve been basically not writing anything for months?I knew I wanted to start writing, not necessarily blogging, right after my daughter Adeline was born.  I think most moms can relate to me when I say that those first few days and weeks of motherhood are some of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging days of our life.  But also the most rewarding.

As for the challenging part, I found SO much solace, guidance, and just plain relief from reading what other moms had put out there to share.  Every time my daughter made a weird noise or looked at me funny I was googling what she did and reading everything I could get my hands on.  When I felt like there was no way anyone else had been awake as long as I had or felt as alone? I was googling the “is it normal…” fill in the blank to whatever your experience may have been.

It was so reassuring to know that pretty much no matter what you were going through? someone else had been through it too..and had written about it….and other people had commented on it and the list goes on.

I loved the connections moms made through online entities and the universal experiences we were all sharing of motherhood.  I was so in love and so in awe and so out of my depth that for me I wanted to document it all! Everything she did, how we got through it, what worked, what didn’t.  I wanted to start writing!

SO, here I am…I’ve blinked. And my daughter is 8 months old. (oh God, here are the tears).

Motherhood is seriously the best FREAKING thing on the planet.  I love it. I’m obsessed with it.  I could do it all day long everyday….praying that one day I get to before my angel (s) are in school and I’ve missed that season of life.  So here is my experiences to share with you…maybe some helpful advice…maybe not.  But this is just me and my family and our story.

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